Here’s How to Change Date of Birth in Passport

Here’s How to Change Date of Birth in Passport

The applicant should submit his date of birth proof such as birth certificate while applying for a Passport in India. On basis of the documents provided the Passport is issued; so there will not be any question of change of date of birth in passport. But while issuing a Passport ,the Passport authority may make an error in date of birth on passport. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check that the details that are printed on the Passport are correct as soon as the Passport is issued.

It is very rare that the information is printed wrong by the Passport issuing authority, but if it happens the applicant can contact the Passport officer and request for the change in date of birth.

It is also possible that the applicant may find that the date of birth provided by him/her is wrong after the Passport is issued.

If the error was from Passport authority, then a new passport is issued with correct date of birth without any fee. If the error was from applicant then they charge a fee of Rs. 500 for issuing a new passport with corrected date of birth.

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