Now Visa application process easy like never before

Now Visa application process easy like never before

The rising number in visa applications is a testimony to the increased outbound travel from India. The growth can be attributed to various reasons- low cost carriers, third party facilitators, increased accessibility and easier visa application, to name a few. The travel industry is anticipating a similar surge this upcoming season, too. Similarly, to meet the growing numbers of visa applications submitted, Visa application service provider VFS Global is offering a host of services which will simplify the visa application process, making it more convenient, exclusive, personalised, time saving and hassle-free. Having transformed the overall application process, these services are extremely useful to beat the peak.

Premium Lounge

Applicants face issues with the application process or particularly, form filling. However, at the Premium Lounge, the applicant is handheld throughout the entire visa application process by a trained staff. This means that the applicant can be at ease while the trained staff guides them through each step of the application process. This meticulously designed service provides the applicants personalised attention and assistance, ensuring a more effortless visa application process. Premium Lounge is extremely suitable for senior citizens.

Visa At Your Doorstep

Doorstep visa is a technology enabled service which brings the visa application process to the applicant’s doorstep at their preferred time irrespective of location. This means aspiring travellers from even the hinterlands and remote locations have the luxury of an easy visa application. A team of trained staff visits the individual or group of applicants at a location of their choice to enroll their biometric data and collect their visa application documents. The unmatched benefits provided by doorstep visa adds great value to groups who don’t have a visa application centre in their city or state. Doorstep visa saves the applicants time and cost of travelling to another city to avail visas. This service is available for Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, France, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany and UK.

Priority & Super Priority Visa Services

Last minute trips are stressful and chaotic, and can be time sensitive. To ensure visa woes do not come in the way of these trips, VFS Global has Priority and Super Priority Visa Services for UK visa applicants. This service not only puts the application right in front of the queue but also accelerates the process. The priority visa service ensures the visa is processed within 5 working days, while a super priority visa service ensures the visa is processed within 24 hours.

Prime time Service

The prime time service is exclusively aimed at those who may not be able to visit the visa application centre during the usual working hours. Opting for this service allows individuals to apply for their visas without interrupting their schedules. With Prime Time Service, applicants no longer need to take leave from office or school for visa appointments. This service takes care of the needs of the time-poor applicants…..Read More>>


Source:- financialexpress